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what you need to know about the okc zoo amphitheater

August 11, 2018

I’ve written a guide with all you need to know about attending a concert at the Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheater! 

I recently attended my first concert in about 20 years at the OKC Zoo Amphitheater. Since I am prone to anxiousness when I am not prepared, I searched the Google for things that I need to know before I attended a concert there, and I came up short. Where were my tickets located? What did I need to bring? Can I bring a chair? What does express entry mean? Etc, etc. It wasn’t until I got there and experienced to for myself that I knew what to do. Since I am doing the Lord’s Work here at OKC OVER EASY, I decided to write a blog post all about it.

OKC zoo amphitheater

What Your Tickets Mean 

So generally, The Zoo Amp is General Admission. It is set up as an amphitheatre with grass and retaining walls, and there is a large concrete pit in the middle. To the sides are the VIP area, with access to bars and private restrooms. I had no idea what my tickets meant, but Mike bought me “express entry”. That means I could get into the amphitheatre 30 minutes before the rest of general admission. We didn’t really need to get there early, as it was hot AF and we ended up getting a pretty good spot and being able to move down closer during the rest of the concert. I don’t know about other artists (we saw Kesha) but it seems you could get there closer to concert time and be able to get a good standing spot. Pro-tip – wear your platform sandals. Mine were comfy and I had a bit of a lift to see the stage.

The Parking Situation 

It seems if you are going to bring your car and walk, it’s going to be a hike. We were dropped off at the entrance by our Lyft driver and it was really simple. Our friends parked at the science museum which would probably be a half-mile walk.

What To Bring 

I think it depends on each concert, but only blankets were allowed at Kesha. We took a blanket that we didn’t really care about, so it was easy to leave when we wanted to move closer. I imagine at a more chill concert, you could probably bring chairs and blankets as well. You can bring a small bag and they search minimally, so you could probably bring a little “snack” if you wanted to. They have a food truck there serving gas station food, if you’re hungry.

How Can I Get Turnt 

There are TONS of places to purchase alcohol. I was pretty surprised at the affordability. Nothing was over $8, and they had huge beers and frozen margaritas. Kind of sad you can’t bring in canned wine like at a concert in the Myriad Gardens, but I guess this will do. I would suggest bringing an empty Yeti-like cup so you can keep your beer cold. I babysat mine because I was dying of heatstroke and I ended up throwing most of it away. :(. Kesha was great! One thing that was very weird is they told her she couldn’t curse? I don’t think anyone going to see Kesha thinks she’s going to keep it clean, so I thought that was VERY odd.

How To Lyft Out Easily 

Tip: have your Lyft driver meet you at the gas station on 50th and MLK. We did that and it was super simple to get out of there. We walked down the street to the intersection, hopped in the car and it was pretty easy. Just make sure to put your pickup location as the gas station.

That’s it! I checked the lineup at the Zoo Amp and there’s not a ton of artists I am interested in seeing, but I think it would be cool if they got some more chill artists to perform in the fall. It was way too hot in the middle of July, but that’s just living in Oklahoma.

Any questions you have? Write them in the comments below!

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