about the podcast


OKC OVER EASY was born in February of 2016, mostly out of boredom, but somewhat out of curiosity and love for food. I had worked freelance for a while developing recipes, and I loved to cook and entertain. I had started and abandoned a food blog, gin + green juice, and I knew I wanted to do something with food, but I didn’t know what.

Enter my love of podcasts. Every day while I walked my dog, I listened to hours of Radio Lab, Call Chelsea Peretti, Odd Man Out, My Favorite Murder, and dozens more. I decided – I think I can do this. So I called up my best friends, made them a spread of food, and settled in. I started recording out of my house with my MacBook Pro and a USB Mic. Through learning how to properly edit in GarageBand, creating a social media accounts, and asking more strangers to be on the show, the podcast grew, and eventually I was asked to co-host a dating radio show called The Dates of Our Lives on The Spy FM. After DOOL ended, I was delighted to continue my relationship with The Spy and KOSU and brought OKC OVER EASY to their podcast network.

OKC OVER EASY ended in the Spring of 2019. The episodes are still available to listen, and who says another podcast is out the of the realm of possibility?


These are some of my favorite episodes of the show. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, start with some of these episodes to see just what the show is all about. 

This episode is one of my favorites! I have Bailey on from Cookie-Tour and we talk anything and everything about Chocolate Chip Cookies. We even have a taste test of cookies from around Oklahoma City. Bailey now currently hosts a Ride OKC Cookie Tour monthly.

Judie, Marisa and come to you live from Norman where we had the most epic food tour of our lives. We visit The Mont, Greek House, Pepe Delgados and Classic 50’s to try all the classic Norman eats. We recorded at The University of Oklahoma and talked about all things Norman, including a play by play of what we ate, football games, and Norman, OK history. These are two of my favorite people, and we had THE BEST day eating and laughing.  

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I love all things spooky and Halloween. I always try to have a Halloween episode where we talk pumpkin, Halloween candy and tell spooky stories. On this episode, my friend Kelly joins me and we talk about her epic Halloween parties, and she has a recovered memory and honestly tells one of the scariest stories I’ve ever heard in my life.

September 14, 2018