The Shop Dogs of Midtown, Oklahoma City

shop dogs of midtown

September 7, 2018

It’s such a treat when you walk into a store and a dog is there to greet you, and there are tons of shop dogs in Midtown. I love the stores just as much as the dogs, so I thought I’d tell you all a little bit about both, in case you’re new to the Oklahoma City area, visiting, or just never go to Midtown!

Have you ever just taken a Saturday to explore your own city? I recently went with Marisa to brunch at HunnyBunny Biscuit Co and then we walked around Midtown. Beside the weather being insufferable, it was so fun to visit all the little shops and grab ice cream at Capitals Ice Cream. But my favorite thing, and this was totally unintentional, was all the shop dogs!

Commonplace Books

Commonplace books is my new favorite bookstore. It’s welcoming and modern with the bright teal floor, and the selection of books is honestly awesome. It’s highly “curated” which means someone way more in touch with the book scene has picked out what to stock. My favorite section is the cookbooks, obviously. They also have a very robust children’s section, making it a perfect place for families to stop by.

The bookstore is warm and inviting, and if you get hungry, you can walk over to The Kitchen at Commonplace, which is a small coffee shop/restaurant/bakery and get something to sip on. I have had their toasts, which are incredible, and the space is so beautiful and a natural extension of the bookstore.

The Shop Dogs of Midtown, Oklahoma City

The Commonplace shop dog is Boz, who, no matter what, always seems to be sleeping.


I LOVE Shop Mode. I almost always find something to purchase here. They have clothing, jewelry, shoes and home goods. Their boutique seems to be always on the cutting edge of the trends, which makes me feel really cool when I buy something there. The only thing is that I wish that were a little more size inclusive. A lot of the time I straddle the line between normal sizes and plus sizes, and there are some tiiiiny clothes in that store. Other than that, it’s welcoming, trendy, HUGE and fun to shop around in. They also sell online, and you can order online and pickup in store, if you’re like me and need instant gratification when purchasing items.

The Shop Dogs of Midtown, Oklahoma City

The Shop MODE dog is Simba, and he likes to escape the store to sniff the bushes outside.

chirps & cheers

I used to love visiting Chirps and Cheers when I lived in Edmond. It’s a paper and stationary store, where you can order custom items, or just really fun cards. When I was little and living in California with my mom, one of my first memories was going to a stationary store and looking at all the rubber stamps that they had. I used to so look forward to picking out a sheet of stickers or a stamp, so stationary stores have a very special place in my heart. I LOVE them. They also have a wall of a million gel pens, and marble-looking 3 ring binders that I want, but do not need. The shop is bright and airy, and honestly, the best air conditioning that I had been inside all day.

The Shop Dogs of Midtown, Oklahoma City

The chirps + cheers shop dog is Lucy, who was the ham of the day. She wouldn’t let me leave until I got the perfect shot of her.

Who is your favorite shop dog in OKC? Leave suggestions in the comments so I can go visit them!

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