best boutique fitness studios in okc

August 11, 2018

I’ve rounded up the best fitness studios in the Oklahoma City area! These are perfect places to go if you’re looking to get fit, have fun and make friends! 

Over the years I have tried many a boutique workout. I never really liked working out, and I didn’t even start being active regularly until late college/early post-grad. I started out wanting to run a half-marathon, and I’ve been steadily active since then. There have been stretches where I’ve been injured or depressed and I’ve taken a break from working out, but over the years I’ve been pretty consistent. I mainly do it for my mental health. The best way to change your mind is to move your body in some way!

best boutique workouts in oklahoma city

Once I got into my career a little bit and started making a little more money, I discovered Boutique Fitness. Woah. These places were a lot more enticing than the UCO Student Gym, and had more of an inviting feel. I have always dedicated a large part of my budget to fitness classes. They help me get out of the house and work out because 1) I already paid for them, and 2) Sometimes they give out free fruit. These classes are definitely an investment, so don’t be shocked at the sticker price. But I feel like I get a lot out of them, because I put a lot into them.

My first LOVE was spin class. I remember going to my first MoxieRide class and being totally obsessed. The best part about spin for me is the music, the fact that it’s pretty dark in the studio, and the giant fans. Every time I am in a spin class, the hours fly by. I am even certified to teach spinning, but I’m not quite in shape to do so. One day!

That being said, CycleBar is my current favorite. Located in Classen Curve, this studio opened around one year ago. Prior to CB, MoxieRide was kind of the only game in town (although I had a favorite instructor at the Gold’s Gym on NW Expressway that I loved). I spent a lot of time going to classes at Moxie, and will always love them, but I have been loving my experience at CycleBar. I have the 4/mo package, which comes to $60 a month. I try to go every friday afternoon, and I usually take Alli as my instructor. The reasons I like CycleBar – the bikes are brand new and very smooth, the music is always fresh and different, the bikes are all electronic, so you can see your stats right on the screen in front of you, and you guessed it – they have free fruit after every class. If you’ve never taken a spin class, let me know! Your first one at CB is always free. I can also do a “What To Expect in Spin Class” blog as well.

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Yoga! The yoga scene in OKC is STRONG. I have tried many of the studios, and I have two frontrunners. I LOVE going to The Yoga Box. This studio is located in 50 Penn Place on the second floor. Lisa and Hailee built this yoga studio + kitchen (they offer grab and go selections and also structured meal plans) and the real star are their flows. I have never been in a class where the flows are so creative, challenging, and fun. The room is heated, but just enough to loosen up your muscles and get your sweat on. Their cues are on point, and I always feel so so relaxed after a class. It’s like taking a xanax, seriously. Their packages run from 5 classes for $60 to unlimited at $110. PLEASE check them out.

Another studio I absolutely love is This Land Yoga. The vibe there is so light, and they also have very fun classes like beer yoga and puppy yoga. I’ve even been to a class that was a eating mindfully and yoga class. I have gone to a few 6 am classes here, and they are great. The community here is very inclusive and friendly. I’ve taken Lisa Woodard, who is the owner of the studio, and she’s so woo and badass. I’ve also taken some classes from Megan and I love her teaching style as well. Just another option for you wanna-be yogis out there. Make sure to bring a towel, mat and water!

The last on my list is Beyond 500! I don’t get to visit this studio often, because it’s very far away from my house, but everytime I take a 500 class, I love it. It’s unlike any other workout I have tried. The sweat that pours from me during this class is ungodly. The studio, which is located in Automobile Alley, is split into two parts. On one side, the 500 class has 8 Woodway treadmills, which are self-propelled. They are even worse than that sounds. Then, there’s a reformer contraption that I HAVE fallen off of during Amanda’s class. The class is 50 minutes, and it goes by super quick because it’s broken up into 3 or 5 chunks. Some on the Woodway, some on the weird machine which I am VERY  bad at. On the other side is a pilates studio, which I have only taken one class. I really like this studio because it’s DIFFERENT. It’s unlike any other workout studio I have tried. I am not sure of the prices here because I’ve tried almost all my classes here through StudioHop, which is like ClassPass for the Midwest.

Do you have any favorite studios in the city? Which ones do I need to try? 

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