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canned wine review: rosé

August 11, 2018

Oh yes hello it’s me again! I’m back at it, testing the coolest canned wines on the market, and this time I bring you Rosé varieties! It’s a hard side hustle, but someone has to do it. Ever since the last blog post went live, I was invited to a wine tasting, and I had a wine expert on the podcast to talk about all aspects of wine in a can. Don’t fret though – I am still counting my macros. A can of wine adds up to about 25 carbs and 12 grams of fat. Totally doable.

canned wine review - sans and una lou

So this time I am testing one of my favorite varieties of wine. Yes, I am a true millennial. Almost everything in my life needs to be millennial pink at all times. I love the look, taste and feeling of a glass of rosé. Also the ‘grammable possibilities. I was on the ‘gram on National Rosé day, and I was screaming over all of the beautiful pictures.

So I am breaking this down into two posts – or maybe more. There is a wealth of possibilities for me to try.

sans canned wine

I’m starting with Rosé of Carignan by Sans. This can is clocking in around $10 and has 12.5% abv. A little bit of a splurge. After sufficient Googling, I found that this is a fancy blend of California wines. From the Sans Website – “Our 2017 Rosé of Carignan is a blend of 3 Carignan blocks (Billy’s, Coyote Rock, Mitchell Jacks) from the Poor Ranch in Hopland, Mendocino. The vineyard blocks were planted way back in 1988, 1943 and 1977, and have been farmed (certified) organically since day one!”

Okay – that’s pretty cool. A well made California wine from a vineyard that has been (organically!) around since the ’40s. But how does it taste?

I really liked this one. I think that I am maybe not high brow enough to justify the price, though. Although I am tasting $10 half-bottles of wine for this blog, it’s not really part of my long term budget. The flavor of this wine was really nice and smooth, and I enjoyed it fully. 3/5 stars.

A cool thing I learned on the episode with Maddie is that people weren’t always interested in California wines. It wasn’t until the late ’70s when America beat FRANCE in a wine-making competition that Cali wines busted on the scene. And now, in 2018 we have Tr*mp as our president. Not relevant in any way I just figured I’d bring the post down a bit since we were having so much fun.

una lou rose

On to the next! The next wine that I tasted was Una Lou California Rosé. And first of all let me say, damn I was impressed by their website, and also their can design. What can I say I am a marketer’s dream. They didn’t have a ton of information, but they had this – “When Andrew Mariani and his wife, Lia Ices, welcomed their daughter, Una Lou, into the world they created a celebratory rosé in her name. UNA LOU, wild strawberry, grapefruit, and sea salt”

Woah – coolest parents ever. I REALLY liked this one. It tasted light, and there wasn’t a weird aftertaste at the end. I ate it with salmon and rice, and I didn’t feel like it knocked me out, probably because of the 11% lower alcohol content. (I’m used to 13%-15%). Clocking in at $10, I will probably buy this again, but maybe not until a celebration. 4/5 stars.

I purchased both of these wines from Broadway Wine Merchants in Automobile Alley with my own dollars.

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