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    Essentially Geared Wine Co

    canned wine review: essentially geared wine co

    September 11, 2018

    Hi friends! I am back this week with another canned wine review. But first I want to talk about the major landscape change in the OKC Grocery Store Scene.

    On October 1, all Oklahoma grocery stores will be able to carry wine, “high” point beer, and refrigerated beer. This is going to be huge for convenience, and most likely stressful for smaller liquor stores. Even though I am excited to have a Trader Joe’s less than a mile from me that carries WINE, I will continue to support local liquor stores like Freemans (where I purchased the wine below) and Grand Cru, two of my favorite liquor/wine stores with a great selection and really great service. That being said, I plan on being on the front lines for grocery store wine selection, so watch this space for more details.

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  • dark horse canned wine

    canned wine review: dark horse

    Here’s another canned wine review featuring the Dark Horse winery. I’m reviewing the Rose and the Pinot Grigio in a can!  There are no liquor…

    August 11, 2018
  • una lou rose

    canned wine review: rosé

    Oh yes hello it’s me again! I’m back at it, testing the coolest canned wines on the market, and this time I bring you Rosé…

    August 11, 2018