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August 11, 2018

I have a ton of favorite local follows. These are my favorite Oklahoma City Food Instagram Accounts! They cook, they sample the best food out there, and they have such a knack for photography! Enjoy!

One of my favorite places to be is on Instagram. Although my first love was Twitter, I think if I had to keep one social media account it would be Instagram. I’ve been learning more and more about Instagram stats, strategy and artistic direction over the past 6 months. It’s really interesting! Marketing when it comes to Instagram is ever-changing, and there are so many moving pieces in it.

favorite okc food instagram accounts

That being said, I have a few FAVORITE OKC food accounts. Food instagram is so fun to look at. I could spend hours watching recipe videos or checking out different types of food feeds. These are my favorite local feeds, so if you follow this blog/podcast I’d love it if you could reach out to these folks doing the good work and give them a follow.

I haven’t been following @wafflesnwhiskey long, but ever since I hit that follow button I haven’t regretted it. He recently moved here with his wife, @thetastyescape from DC and they have wasted no time getting to know the landscape. Their feed is filled with bright and colorful local hotspots, and I learn a thing or two every time I scroll their feeds. Hopefully they can come on the podcast soon as a fellow food lovers!

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Chris Castro is a staple in the OKC food scene. You may know him from his cocktail workshops, his work with Edible OKC, or his new venture The Kitchen at Commonplace. He has such a fun Instagram account, and I am jealous of his skills in the kitchen. He photographs food that he creates at home, and it looks SO professional. He also uses stories to showcase his travels around the country. Chris was on the podcast a few months ago, and we had such a fun time geeking out about food.

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Little Annie! I feel like she’s my Instagram Mom. She not only runs a ton of IG accounts for the Social Order restaurants in OKC and beyond, but she has such an enticing IG feed. Her salads look bomb. She makes smoothies every day. You get a sneak peak of behind the scenes at The Social Order Restaurants. Annie has been on the podcast MANY times, but my favorite episode is when we first met and talked about food in my dining room for hours. Love you Annie!

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This account is pure instagram envy! I know that tons of pictures of restaurant food is something like smoke and mirrors, but damn if I don’t want to eat everything on their feed every single day. They tout themselves as not food critics but bitches that like to eat. My people. I haven’t met these ladies (lady?) either but I think I would be down to share a feast with them!

If you need the latest food news fast, please follow Take a Bite OK. Second to OKC Talk, they know the most about what’s going on the OKC food scene, they run a private FB group with restaurant reviews, and are constantly on the go trying new places. They even host dinners to lesser known restaurants so you can go and try everything! I attended a taco tour with them awhile ago, and it was SO FUN. Phi (who runs the account) was on the podcast on one of my favorite episodes BRAUM’S ICE CREAM TASTE TEST.

Okay okay, technically this isn’t a “local” IG account, but it’s one of my favorites. Erica is a Portland transplant, but make no mistake – she knows her Braums and Tex-Mex. We lost her to the Pacific Northwest, but I still love following her adventures via her Instagram. She’s got dogs, wine, beer, stray cats, and burgers. Basically my favorite things all in one account. She was also one of my first pod friends. She was on an early episode of OKC OVER EASY,  Give her a follow!

What are your favorite local instagrams? Leave them in the comments below!

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