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August 12, 2018

This is my review of Nomad’s Music Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They offer brunch options, dinner, and live music throughout the week. The best part of Nomads is their crazy fun, Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charm Marshmallow mimosas!

When I was researching places to eat in Fayetteville, Nomads kept coming up as a fun brunch location. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it there during our trip, but I was hoping that we would. The pictures looked awesome and the fun mimosa flavors were just my speed.

Nomads Music Lounge

To my surprise, we found ourselves searching for a place to eat in Fayetteville for brunch on Sunday morning. Somewhat hungover, we decided on The Farmers Table, which had been recommended several times to us. We headed out around 9:30, and when we got to The Farmers Table, there was an hour and a half wait. This is a no-go for me.

I don’t love to wait at restaurants, so I don’t tend to do it. There are tons of different places that are either on the No Wait app, or accept reservations, so I know there are always a ton of options. (Although I’m looking at the menu and finding the lunch to be super appealing, so if I go back I’ll know to go at an off time)

Nomads Fayetteville-2

Anyway, we ended up at Nomads in Fayetteville, and it was just what my fun, funky, hippie and eclectic heart was needing. Nomads used to be an old gas station, turned into a restaurant. The gas pump awning naturally turned into an amazing patio, filled with tons of tables and tye-die umbrellas. Inside are a bunch of mismatched tables and chairs, and at the far right corner, there’s an all wooden bar where you put your order in.

Nomad’s menu is like the space that it’s in: eclectic. The “Dad Party”, which is only featured at lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays include Burgers, Hummus Toast, a Breakfast-ish Polish Sausage and Jackfruit Tacos. Dinner includes salads, sandwiches, burgers and all day brunch. We ordered the Globetrotter Guacamole, which came loaded with huge bites of avocado, lime, onions, black olives and tomatoes.

I got the Burracho, which was a vegetarian burrito with black beans, refried beans, farm fresh eggs, cheddar and sour cream. I made sure to get a side of the spicy avocado sauce to drench my burrito bites in, I also ended up using the tortilla chips that came with the guacamole as a vessel to get refried beans into my mouth. Pro choice. Marisa ordered the breakfast tacos, and Kellee ordered the Pesto Toast, two features that I don’t see on the menu on the website. This is a good feature – surprises, you never know what you are about to eat when you walk into Nomads.

Nomads does mimosa’s correctly. The first mimosa is a cool $7, but it comes with unlimited .75 cent refills. I needed a small bit of hair of the dog to feel somewhat normal, but the in-house coffee and self-serve coffee station helped too. I also got the best mug at the table, a teddy bear party. The mimosa flavor I tried was Blue Lemonade, but Kellee’s standard mimosa featured orange juice AND pedialyte. Genius. Both mimosas had tiny bits of Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms marshmallows floating on the top. I was slightly iffy, but while sipping I really loved the sugary pop of flavor whenever I happened to swallow one. And you’ll be drinking the mimosas so fast there won’t even be any time for them to get soggy. I noticed that if you were coming to day drink on a Sunday, Nomads is the place to be. I witnesses a girl do a chambong at 10:30 in the morning. I will never have as much strength or stamina as that woman.

The vibe of the restaurant was so very me. Fun and funky, and apparently the patio is dog friendly! (I saw an adorable pomeranian out there and couldn’t stop staring). I definately recommend Nomads for your next trip to Northwest Arkansas, and ESPECIALLY if you’re looking for the best mimosas in town.   

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