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November 1, 2020

For some odd reason, I’ve been having what we call “Christmas Creep”. Which means, I’m wanting to start decorating and celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier. Could be the mess that is 2020, could be the fact that we just went through a freak ice storm in OK that left hundreds of thousands without power, and I just want to feel happy.

Although Halloween is still up at my house, I am anxiously awaiting November so I can pack it up and start decorating for the Christmas season. 2 months of Christmas? Let’s go. No rules in 2020.

That being said, I wanted to introduce my blog readers to my favorite Christmas Scentsy scents, and give you an opportunity to catch the spirit like I have. Then I realized, I’ve never explained Scentsy or even told you all that I am a Scentsy consultant! (Although if you know me in real life then you probably know).

Scentsy is a home fragrance system. I have been using Scentsy off and on since 2011, when it first started! I had a co-worker that was a consultant and I bought warmers and wax from her. After awhile I started to not use them anymore (we call this my Bath and Body Works candle phase) and then when I started dating Mike, a family friend was a consultant.

His family started gifting me Scentsy, and after awhile I was obsessed again. The warmers are such a good quality, the scents are amazing and it’s a great company to do direct sales through. For me, I earn Scentsy credit and a little commission each month to save or put towards more Christmas decor (ha!).

Here’s how it works. The heart of Scentsy the the warmers and the wax, which is what I will talk about today. In future blog posts (yes, I am planning on blogging again!) I will go into some of the other products Scentsy has to offer.

It’s as easy as that!

Now onto the good stuff — the holiday season. This year Scentsy is offering the cutest warmers and the best wax to go along with it. Check it out:

This Christmas camper is adorable! You plop the waxes in the top of the camper, and it gives off a cozy Christmas glow. You can purchase through me or off my Scentsy website.

I also have a few favorite Christmas Scentsy Scents.

Pretty In Plaid: Woody juniper berries jive with minty-fresh wintergreen, festive Douglas fir and bright, tart cranberries.

Jeweled Pomegranate: November scent of the month! This means the bars are 5.40 instead of $6! Shimmering pomegranate sparkles with sugared mandarin and a twinkle of cinnamon.

Christmas Cottage: A cozy, inviting blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, cloves, and spices.

Let It Snow 3-Pack

Berry Blessed: Soft vanilla and cranberry sprinkled with sparkling sugar is pure bliss.

Feelin’ Pine: Let eucalyptus, pine and a kiss of mistletoe fill you with holiday spirit.

Happy Holly Days: Festive golden pear mingles with clove and holiday pine to bring joy to the season.

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