my trip to denmark: copenhagen

September 4, 2019

Ah, it’s now September and I’m just now getting around to writing my recap of COPENHAGEN! Time has gotten away from me, but every time I come back to this cute little blog it makes me want to write more. So look for that in the near future :).

This is my recap of the three days I stayed in Copenhagen in May of 2019! This is things I saw, did, where I stayed and more! You can read my recap for Aarhus, Denmark here!


If you know me at all, you know I love cities. Chicago being one of my favorite. I spent a lot of time there the past few years and even had it in my mind I wanted to move there. I loved the array of places to go and discover, that I could get there on foot (I love walking) or public transportation, and just the vibe of the city. So whenever I’m in a new (walk-able) city, I want to explore and see the sights.


We spent 3 nights in Copenhagen. One of our family members graciously drove us and treated us to lunch at a very special restaurant (which I will detail in my next post once I get around to it). It was about a three-hour drive from Aarhus, and it wasn’t terribly scenic, but it went by quickly. We made it into the city and were immediately stuck in traffic. They truly mean what they say when it comes to biking in the city center of Copenhagen – it’s just easier to get around. I saw SO MANY BIKES! I immediately booked a bike tour on Air BNB for later that week.


We stayed at the Mercur Hotel in Copenhagen. Nothing really to write home about. The breakfast was sub-par for the price (we ended up going to 7-11 across the street for croissants most days) and the room was tinnny. My parents and I fit into two twin beds and a pull out couch very snuggly, and it had me missing the seaside views in Aarhus. But we were right in the thick of it! I ended up walking to most places, save one Uber ride to the Ice Bar (tourist trap) 15 minutes away.

Hot dog stand across the street from my hotel


In Copenhagen, I knew that I was going to want to explore the city in a different way than my parents wanted to, so I went ahead and added an international option to my phone plan, which was $10 a day. That way, I could use Google Maps to get around and not have to worry about getting lost.

I’ve realized I haven’t talked really about the clothes I brought for the trip. Just a few weeks before, I discovered lululemon Align leggings (late, I know). I purchased 4 pairs over a few pay periods. My favorite casual pair had to be the black Align joggers. I wore them 3 or 4 times on the trip, and especially on my travel days. I wore those with Luxe Old Navy tank tops and this jacket that literally saved my life. I accidentally left it in the Chicago airport on our way back, and once I got home I purchased the exact same one because it was that good. It was super light, but blocked the cold nordic wind when I needed it to and had zippered pockets where I could keep my phone, ID, wallet, etc.

My SHOES were a bit of an impulse purchase, but a repeat one. When I started visiting Chicago, I bought a pair of AllBirds to walk around the city in, and I wore them to death. I got a since-discontinued pair of blue ones. I knew that they were the most comfortable and warm shoe, so I purchased a pair of the white ones for my Denmark trip. They were perfect, I never had any problems with walking 9+ miles in them. I am interested in the non-wool ones for walking in the Oklahoma heat, but since we’re transitioning into fall here, that should wait until next season.


A few things I happened upon when I was exploring the city. Torvehallerne, a food hall and open air market, the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, Strøget – which is a long street full of all the shops you could ever think of, and of course eating and drinking (I’m getting to it!)

One thing that was SO FUN was the bike tour I did. I met up at the bike tour offices on Wednesday afternoon, and to my surprise, I was the only one on the tour – a private hygge tour, haha. We loaded up on our bikes, and my tour guide and I were off! She was a young University student and was the perfect tour guide and took loads of pictures along the way. I won’t ruin the tour and tell you every thing that we did, but we hit the big ones. The Little Mermaid (she is SMALL), Nyhaven, The Royal Palace, and much more. I love exploring cities by bike, and my guide made it easy to follow her and move with the flow of traffic even in an unfamiliar city.

We were only in Copenhagen a few days, but I could have stayed a week more. I loved experiencing a new city, trying new foods and experiences, and exploring all over.

Stay tuned for my next post where I cover all the FOOD I had the pleasure of eating in Denmark.

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