my top 5 favorite LUSH products

February 26, 2019

These are my top 5 favorite LUSH products! I worked in the OKC location of LUSH for the holiday season, and I learned so much about all of the fresh, handmade products and came out with some great favorites!

Not sure if you know this, but over the past holiday season I worked at LUSH cosmetics as a holiday hire. This job taught me a lot about working retail, selling, and working in the mall. I used to wait tables in a restaurant in the mall a couple years ago, so it was weird to go back and be a Penn Square Mall worker again. I met some really cool people, including my friend Seth who is featured on an episode of OKC OVER EASY this month.

Why LUSH? I’ve been using LUSH products for around 6-7 years. I remember seeing Ocean Salt on an Ingrid Nilsen video, and whenever I was in Dallas, I purchased a tub and I was hooked. Over the years I swore by their haircare (shampoo bars!), soaps and bath bombs. My FAVORITE scent from LUSH is Lord of Misrule, which is patchouli, black pepper and vanilla scent that comes out around Halloween and Christmas. I’ve used the shower gel FOREVER, but they decided not to bring it back this year, the year that I worked there with a 50% off discount. Womp.

So without further adieu, I am going to detail my top 5 favorite LUSH products. This was a really hard list to narrow down, but I have a feeling you guys don’t want to read a 10,000 word essay on all the products I tried at LUSH. Lol bye. As you exit the page.

Another note: I stand by LUSH as a company – they truly talk the talk and walk the walk on natural, handmade products. The amount of recyclable materials that go in and out of that store is insane. A ton of their products are no-waste, like the shampoo bars, facial serums and naked lotions. They strive to pay a fair liveable wage to all employees, and they are just all around an intentional company.

Onto the ~products. I tried to pick year round products, because LUSH has tons of seasonal and limited edition stuff, so it wouldn’t be fair if you wanted to go out and purchase anything. Also they remove stuff from their product line all the time.


Can you believe this was the first bath bomb I’ve ever tried? At the suggestion of Hayley G Hoover, I picked up this bath bomb and I never went back. For those peasants that don’t know what a bath bomb is, it’s made of sodium bicarbonate which means when it hits the water it starts fizzing and dissolving in the bath.  This bomb is honestly pretty tame when it comes to “effects” – it turns your bath a really pretty pink but that’s pretty much it. Scented with jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang, it’s floral and musky and the perfect soak. I have such an attachment to sex bomb and it will always be my go-to.


I didn’t really know what solid bubble bath was until I started working part time at LUSH. Solid bubble bath is actually really neat. It’s a “naked” product as well. You just crumble a little in the bath and move the water around – the more the water is agitated the more bubbles come up. It’s alcohol free and the sulphates are derived from vegetables, so it doesn’t leave you feeling dry at all. I personally like the Milky Bath Bubble Bar because it’s really easy to mix with other bath bombs without the scent being overwhelming. It’s a very light orange oil scent, and it’s packed with soy milk, cocoa butter and olive oil. There are also tiny little sparkles in the bar – but those aren’t plastic, they’re made from seaweed! This is a perfect base for a really luxurious bath.


I started dying my hair platinum a few years ago, and I was constantly on the hunt for a good purple shampoo. I SWEAR by this one. There’s just enough purple to tone the brassy yellows, and it smells divine. It’s violet scented with citrus oils and seaweed to keep the hair shiny and soft all day, This is honestly the only purple shampoo that touches my hair. I regularly pair this with Veganese, but recently I picked up a purple conditioner by Kristin Ess that I’m really loving. This shampoo is for blondes and grays and it’s the best one I’ve tried!


The LUSH skincare line is such a babe. There’s so many really cool and natural products, so it was hard to choose just one. I love all the jelly face masks they offer (1000 Millihelens is my favorite!) but when I reach in to do an all-over toning and cleansing mask, I use Mask of Magniminty. It’s got cleansing kaolin clay, ground anduki beans to give your face a little scrub when you wash it off, and some soothing and energizing peppermint oil. They also add vanilla absolute and honey to calm and soothe. This is the best face mask for all skin types. I usually follow up with the Tea Tree Water and A Light Touch Facial Serum.


If you don’t know what body conditioner is, welcome to your watershed moment. Body conditioner is just like hair conditioner, but for your body. *head explodes*. Ro’s Argan is my FAVORITE. Maybe favorite product at LUSH. After you shower, lather up with your Ro’s Argan, and wash off. You step out of the shower and boom, you’re already moisturized. This is one of the more expensive LUSH products, but it’s well worth it. The ingredients include: cocoa, shea and cupuacu butters along with brazil nut, almond and argan oils. It’s luxurious, mama.

Those are my top 5 favorite products at LUSH! Are there any you want to try? Have any questions about LUSH products? Drop me a line in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. Even better- go into the store and ask ANY employee. They are super knowledgeable about the products and can suggest the best products for your needs. Happy bathing!

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