The best dog-friendly bars and patios in OKC!

best dog-friendly bars in okc

August 31, 2018

These are the best dog-friendly bars and patios in OKC! If you’re like me, you want to take your pooch everywhere, and here are the places to do it. 

When your best friend is your dog, you want to be able to take them everywhere. Luckily, there are tons of dog friendly bars and restaurants in Oklahoma City to bring your pups. Amy is one of the most well behaved dogs there is when she’s in public, and everyone loves to come up and say hello, which I love because I need constant attention.

I’ve rounded up some fun places to take your pup in the Oklahoma City Metro area, along with the best eats and drinks at each place. I’ve been inspired by a new Instagram friend, @dogfriendlyokc. I think it’s the perfect place to get updates and resources on dog-friendly places around Oklahoma City.


I’m looping these two together, because honestly, they are kind of one and the same. They are only about 500 feet away from each other, and you’ll park in the same area to get to both places. I would suggest Fassler Hall for food, because of the awesome german inspired faire (read: giant pretzels and beer cheese), and moderate prices. They have a small, but bangin’ menu and you are likely to take less of a risk here then trying to find something to eat at Bleu Garden, which is a food truck park. Unless Saucee Sicilian is there. Then always choose Saucee’s Pizza.

But back to Fassler Hall – it’s a giant, open air German bar with tons of space for you and your doggie. There’s a huge patio that allows leashed dogs, and it’s never too crowded unless you stay later than 10 pm. I’ve brought Amy here a few times, and she always has a great time (I mean, she has a great time whenever she’s out of the house and not getting a bath, so). There’s also tons of choices for beers and mixed drinks. Go wild here.

someone has @thesauceesicilian pizza envy. i don't blame her. #okcamygram

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Down the street is OKC’s first food truck park, The Bleu Garten. I’m going to be honest, the food trucks are sometimes hit or miss here, but you can count on the beer always flowing. They also have a full bar with tons of different specialty cocktails as well. You’ll just have to plan ahead if you’re going to have a Midtown Doggie Night, which places you’d like to eat. Bleu Garden is a great place to bring your pup! Leashed dogs are allowed here, and I’ve never had a problem with there being too many dogs or even any misbehaving pups.


I went to Good Times for the first time the other day and loved it! It’s an upscaley dive bar, with really fun menu items and cool in house frozen drinks. Also, biggest, coolest patio ever. Good Times used to be Fat Dog Bar and Grill, which was super dog friendly, and so is Good Times. You can bring your pooch to lay on the patio while you sip your beers and work on your laptop on whatever projects you have going on!

The best dog-friendly bars and patios in OKC!

I sampled a few of the cocktails at Good Times and I loved them! (So did Amy). The french fries were basic, but needed. I also heard a rumor that the new Drunken Fry will be across the street from Good Times, making it the newest bar strip in the city.


Empire is the Plaza District’s darling. It’s a rock-n-roll themed pizza joint that serves unique pizzas in full size or by the slice. They have a small inside dining room, but the covered patio is where they shine. Leashed dogs are allowed in the covered patio. Parking in the Plaza district can be somewhat of a hassle, so I just say a prayer to the faeires that I will find a close parking spot. If not, just park a few streets over and you and your pup can pre walk off all the pizza and beer you are going to eat and drink.

As long as we are talking Plaza District Dog-Friendly Spots, next door to Empire is Roxy’s Ice Cream which was actually named after the owner’s dog, Roxy. They have a few tables outside, along with Oak and Ore, a beer bar right next to Roxy’s. So if you consume your pizza and you’re not ready to go home, you always have those two options.


I love love love the vibe of Anchor Down. Located in Deep Deuce, Anchor Down is a deluxe corn dog restaurant that’s built out of shipping containers. Deep Deuce is one of my favorite neighborhoods in OKC due to all the urban development going on right now. There’s tall residential buildings surrounding you, and it makes it seem like you’re in somewhat of a big city. Best of both worlds.

Anchor Down has a HUGE patio out front for you to bring your pup, and right next to it is a small dog park so if you want your pooch to have some independent structured play time, they can let loose. I have to admit, I have never eaten at Anchor Down, but the menu looks amazing. I have however, consumed many beers on the property. If I was to eat there, I’d have to go for the chips and dip (served with onion dip AND queso), the regular corn dog, and the deep fried oreos (fair food all year long!).


This pick is for all you very social doggos out there. The Pump, which is an old gas station turned mega patio bar, definitely has room for dogs. Basically the whole restaurant/bar (although I would classify it more as a bar) is dog friendly. And it’s almost always crowded! This is a great place to socialize, meet people, have a few beers and let your dog have some fun! Leashed dogs are allowed and dare I say even encouraged at The Pump. If I have a hankering for a PBR and dog watching, this is where I would go.

The Pump’s menu has changed drastically since I’ve last eaten there, so I can’t speak to the food choices (but it is on my list to try!!), but I do know the $5 beer and shot combo is still going strong. I usually have a Coors and a shot of Rumplemintz because I’m garbage. Please don’t feed your dog beer. Thanks.

The best dog-friendly bars and patios in OKC!

So that’s my list of dog-friendly places in the city! What are some of your favorites to take your pooch?

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