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    uptown 23rd progressive date

    August 11, 2018

    I put this progressive date together featuring all walkable spots on Uptown 23rd in Oklahoma City! You’ll have signature cocktails, appetizers, dinner and some ballin’ desserts. Enjoy!

    Note: This blog post was published in February of last year, and almost all of the restaurants mentioned have closed. I thought I would update the post to include some new additions and old favorites.

    Last week, my friend Alyssa asked for suggestions on a progressive dinner in OKC for her mother-in-law. A progressive dinner is where you have drinks at one place, appetizers at another, dinner at another, and dessert at the last. That way you can try a whole bunch of different local places and let your eating last as long as possible (v. important). I wrote up this email for her but I thought I would post it because to me it was SO FUN and I would really like to do this exact tour, I created it and it sounds just like a dream. I didn’t put a price limit on this, but I think you could probably go as high or low as you wanted to.

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