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    5 things to know when adopting a dog from the animal shelter

    5 things to know when adopting a dog from the shelter

    August 17, 2018

    What you can expect from adopting a dog from the animal shelter. Tips, tricks, and advice on adding a new furry member to the family!

    Hi everyone! It’s been a fun week of launching the blog, posting some fun content, and getting all your comments and internet love. I mentioned that I wanted to expand into writing more about travel, and pets, because those are two of my favorite things in this season of life. I currently live with two little mongrels, Amy (who is my dog and I adopted from the OKC Animal Welfare Division about 4 years ago), and Maverick (who is my boyfriend’s one-eyed Yorkie and the dog that convinced me that small dogs are so so fun). Let’s be honest, this is just an excuse to post more pictures of the pups in my life.

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